If you are searching for Peterbilt truck windshield replacement in Phoenix, AZ, Dave’s Metro Auto Glass can help! Peterbilt Motors Company is an American truck manufacturer based out of Denton, Texas. The company was established to solve a dilemma the founder had. He needed to transport logs from his lumber company faster and more proficiently. Today, it’s a leader in the trucking industry.

It takes a skilled and experienced technician to replace a windshield on a Peterbilt Truck. Not every windshield replacement is going to be the same. The installer has to be specifically trained in commercial truck windshield replacement. The trucks windshields are a lot larger in size. A few windshields can span 6 ft across, needing more than one technician to install it. The installation process usually takes around 1-2 hours to complete.

To keep its strength because of its massive size, the windshields are a lot thicker than normal car windshields. To assist with this, many models utilize a “split” windshield. Basically, two individual windshields, the driver’s side windshield and the passenger side. This helps in a lot of ways. It keeps the size and weight down, making it possible for one installer to manage. Additionally, if one side is damaged, it won’t affect the other.

We can replace both driver’s side and passenger’s side windshield for Peterbilt trucks.

Dave’s Metro Auto Glass can also replace or repair heated wiper park area systems and lane departure warning systems.


  • 320
  • 348
  • 365
  • 367
  • 389
  • 567

Medium Duty

  • 220
  • 325
  • 330
  • 337
  • 348


  • 389
  • 579
  • 587

Peterbilt Glass Replacement 

Dave’s Metro Auto Glass carries all replacement glass including Door Glass, Vent Glass, and Back Glass (rear windshield).  Trust us to replace your trucks glass correctly and quickly.

Peterbilt Truck Information


  • 24 Hours Emergency Service
  • Side Mirrors
  • Gasket Replacements
  • Custom Glass Cutting
  • Fleet Pricing
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Custom Back Glasses For Day Cab Conversion
  • Fast Mobile Or In Shop Service
  • Parking Lot For Truck And Trailer
  • Accept Tcheck, Fleet One, Comchek, EFS
  • Windshields, Back Glasses, Vent Windows, Door Glasses, Skylights, Bunk Windows
  • All Fleet Vehicles Welcome